Seit 2013 komponiere ich Musik. Ich texte, singe, spiele Klavier, stelle die Beats zusammen, produziere, mastere und mixe meine Songs. Hier sind einige Werke, die auch auf Sound Cloud unter "Jeannette Burch" zu finden sind. 

Piano Works

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Lounge-like Music


I try to see the good things,

I try to hear the birds fly,

It's not always easy.


It's Chill Noon, Honeymoon

whispering softly a tune,

au soleil si couchant

Et t'aimer toujours tant. 


Verse 1

And give me your hand,

Let's stay in this land,

where the orchids shine

and be always mine.


Verse 2

The wind in the palms

Water bathes malms

This is our start

Your steps in my heart.


Verse 3

Your eyes cristal clear

to my heart so near,

Let's swim to the source

An I'm always yours.

Lyrics of "I speak to you" Song coming soon

Verse 1

Sitting at the Piano... trying to let go,

a dark eyed raven knocking at my window.

What a magical sign

You and I intertwine.


Verse 2

Bind me with these threads of sorrow to your will

let me follow you, companion, I'm lost still.

At the river's dark alone,

not home, still in a dome.


Verse 3

Oh burning sun, the darkness of your calling

let me be with you, lo-lover, I am falling.

Reaching for you now,

A feather in my gown.



Not knowing how to speak, I speak to you

I need your rescue.

Not knowing what to hold, I just glance so

I need you more though.


Coming soon:

  • "I try to see the good things" 2013 - A lounge-like dream pop song
  • "Crystal Rose" 2014 - A profound love song
  • "So simple and so true" 2015 - A smooth jazz song