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Music Videos and Examples of Videos on Commission

Let's create your personal video, already from CHF 790. 

Music Videos coming in 2020 | Crystal Rose & Summer Waltz

Self composed Music Video 2018| I try to see the good things

Ongoing Projects | With pictures out of the new footage coming in 2019/20


It's Chill Noon, Honeymoon

whispering softly a tune,

au soleil si couchant

Et t'aimer toujours tant. 


Verse 1

The wind in the palms

Water bathes malms

This is our start

Your steps in my heart. 

Verse 2

And give me your hand,

Let's stay in this land,

where the orchids shine

and be always mine.


Verse 3

Your eyes cristal clear

to my heart so near,

Let's swim to the source

An I'm always yours.

Videography on commission

Featured! Video for Sport Sponsoring "Remember, you are strong!" | July 19

Coming 23rd of November 2019: Sprach- und Kulturexpertin | Südamerikanisches Spanisch für Fortgeschrittene by Gladis Zimmermann

Bespoke Tailoring from Zürich | Music also by Jeannette

Gardening: Vermehren der Aloe Arborescens | Music also by Jeannette, April 2019

Jeannette's Art -  Switzerland

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